Get Up And Shine (:
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9 • 22 • 14 - just another goddamn rant

Happy Sad Confused Stressed Excited
Can I ever have just one?
Happy - got 100% on my medical terminology test, tomorrow’s Tuesday which means no work just school, and Monday is over
Sad - I can’t get cooks forest out of my head, I have two more huge tests this week, and it’s only Tuesday
Confused - mom hasn’t talked to me in days, dads still mad at me, and Chris fell asleep at midnight O.o lol
Stressed - my teacher was in a bad mood, there was a traffic pile up today, and I’m down to $80 until payday ($60 of that is for bills)
Excited - Chris’s birthday is next week, haunted houses with my best friends on the 3rd, and I get to sleep in


Aly & AJ


"Rush" - Twitches - October 14, 2005